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How Remote Repair Works

Repair for Pc, Mac, iPhone or Android


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When you call (516) 314-3249, we’ll talk about your computer problems. I’ll ask you specific questions to get an idea of how to fix it and to estimate how long it will take. I’ll also give you the cost for repair.



Connecting remotely

I use software to connect my computer to your computer. The software is called Team Viewer. You’ll click on this link and I’ll walk you through the connecting process. Through a secure encrypted connection, I can diagnose and fix your problem.



Fixing your device

While you’re watching, I go inside your computer and fix the problem you’re having. No matter what the problem is, I can fix it. If you have a slow computer, a virus, spyware, security issues or printer issues, I can fix it on any device—desktop, laptop, tablets or phones.

Computer Mike

About Mike Reinitz

I have been fixing computers for over 20 years. While I received my B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and spent three years working as a mechanical engineer, I found my true niche fixing computers for IBM in 1999. I’ve been working as a computer engineer ever since.

I can fix any type of computer, whether Windows or Macintosh and can also repair any type of device: desktop computers, laptops, iPads or tablets along with iPhones and Android mobile phones. Computer technology is a rapidly changing field, but I enjoy staying up-to-date with the changes.

Whether for work or pleasure, computers have become an integral part of people’s lives. I make a point of listening to what bothers you most about your computer and fixing it.


Computer Help

Without a working computer or other mobile device, you may feel lost, especially if you rely on it for work, as many people do today. Ask for Computer Mike. I can help.


I can diagnose the problem and do repairs, which often involve cleaning your pc and getting rid of viruses and spyware or handling router issues.


If you already have a network set up, I can configure and deal with networking problems remotely. I also set up new networks in offices.


Some upgrades can’t be done remotely, such as adding memory to a computer. To do that I will come to you. However, software upgrades can be handled remotely.


Need email accounts, printers and other peripherals set up? I also install and uninstall software and perform local data backups.


I can set up wireless routers in residences and offices. If you already have a router, I can configure it remotely and ensure it is connecting to all of your devices.

Data Recovery

Losing data from a hard drive, camera card, flash drive or external hard drive can be frustrating. I’ll let you know whether your data can be recovered, and if so, recover the data for you.

Technical Support

Repairing what matters most to YOU

Computers can have many things wrong with them, but people usually call me for a specific reason. Their computer is running slow. Their printer quit working. They want to back up their data or they have concerns about security. I work on fixing the problem you’re concerned about.

Experience Every Time. How I Work.

Because I do my own repair and other computer work, you always benefit from my 20 plus years of experience. While some companies have many years of overall experience, it is not always the seasoned computer tech who is dealing with your issue. You’ll never have to worry about getting unproven tech support from me.


"He replaced my hard drive with a solid state drive, formatted my computer, removed all viruses, set up a new computer, installed software, added security, and set up Team Viewer so he could help me with future problems. He's a very professional person to work with who pays attention to your needs and quickly fixes your problem. I highly recommend him."


"Mike has helped us with our networking issues for many years. Very reliable, does great work, and shows up on time!"

Anthony Vela

"Mike fixed my printer problems and security issues. I couldn't print anything at all and my computer wasn't working. He fixed both problems quickly so I could continue working and I didn't have any further issues with that. Whenever I need help, I call him and he logs into my computer and helps me remotely. He's friendly, good to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Mike!"


Convenient and Reliable Service 

Remote or Onsite Repair

You won’t have to pack your computer or laptop and drive to a local computer shop. Most problems can be fixed remotely.

If you have a hardware problem and live in the Long Island region or have a business in New York City, I can physically drive and fix your issues—motherboard, video card, sound card, any type of peripheral, etc.

I can set up your email—Outlook, or help you with MS Office, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

There’s no reason not to have Solid State Drive (SSD) in a computer. Unlike hard drives, SSDs have no moving parts to fail and therefore are more durable and reliable. They write and read data at much faster speeds than HDs. They are smaller and lighter and are what today’s mobile devices use.

computer repair


Get In Touch

I’m only a phone call, email or text away. If you live in Long Island or your business is in New York City, I can come to you to assist with your computer problem. In most cases, I can handle your problem remotely, which is ideal during this time of shutdown. Please use the form below to drop me an email.

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